MAY 1, 2020

Romans 15 : 33

Now the God of peace be with you all! Amen.

I bring greetings to you all, in the name of our Lord and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank him for his sustaining grace, that even though we are away from each other, we still maintain our christian standards taught to us by the prophets, teachers of the bible and confirmed by our prophet.

I must admit, it is difficult to watch over your soul from my home. But never forget you have the great shepherd who is never far away. As our prophet said in one of his messages:

55-1009 The Way To Have Fellowship

I’ve read stories of men who spent a lifetime nearly, going high into the hills, going down by the lakeside, just hunting for a sport for fellowship. But after all, you don’t have to go anywhere but Calvary. That’s the only way. There’s a way, there’s only one way that you can go to fellowship.

And notice, then not way… it hasn’t only been in this age, it’s been in all ages. Just think, Job, way—The oldest Book in the Bible, he longed for fellowship. He knowed there was a Creator. And he believed Him with all of his heart. And he said, in a child way of saying it, Oh, if I could only get to him, If I only knew where He lived at, I could go up and knock on His door and talk to Him just a little while.” Wouldn’t we all love to do That. But think, He’s closer to you than His door. His door is your heart. And He’s so close tonight, He’s closer to you then your right arm is. He’s part of you.

Knowing then, that the words of God’s prophets are true, let me bring to your memory some of the things he said when speaking of the bride, which I believe you are a part. Things that will strengthen your faith:

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages

Kings And Priests.

Revelation 1 verse 6

And He hath made us kings and priests unto God His Father, To Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. “He hath made us!”  Oh there are certain truths we need to emphasize. This is one of them. HE! HE HATH MADE US! Salvation is His doing. Salvation is of the Lord. All of grace. He redeemed us for a purpose. He bought us for a purpose. We are kings, spiritual kings. Oh, we are going to be kings upon the earth with Him when He sits on His throne. But now we are spiritual kings and we reign over a spiritual kingdom.

So, let us keep our eyes on the end and be steady. Our Lord will take us through to the end.

Don’t forget the family prayer. Keep them together. Feed the inner man, and may the good Lord bless and keep you by his grace.

Your brother in Christ, Bro. Malcolm Webster.