April 8, 2020

Message for Easter

Greeting Saints, in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus-Christ. I thank Him always, for your love and respect of this message and our prophet, in believing without questioning everything brother Branham said.

Always remember that message entitled A Guide 62-1014E, par. 46

Don’t never dispute your guide’s word. Follow Him. If you don’t, you come up lost. And, remember, when you leave Him, you’re on your own, so we want to keep close to the guide.

As I told you in the pass, I tell you again. This message is not a substitute for when we don’t have a Minister. This message is our all, our life. We, as Ministers, strive to get you to believe everything brother Branham said. Malachi 4 – 5 is our plumb line. Never cross that boundary.

In time pass, we tried, but could never give the Lord the time that belongs to Him, because the many important things we just had to get done. But, it is different now, we have the time. So let us give God what’s God’s. We won’t be able to get together this Easter in the flesh, but in the spirit, we could all go to the throne of the father, with all the brothers and sisters from around the world.

Brother Joseph on branham.org has an inspiring program. It will be a great blessing if our people, all our people would unite together behind it. I believe it will help us get closer to the Lord. So let us all be united under one Banner.

Redemption By Power 54-0329, par. 83

Many of them old saints has gone to the grave. But one these days, yonder in a new world, when they come forth into the Promised Land, the banner of the cross will be over us.

You’ll notice, the Prophet mentions only one banner. The Banner of The Cross. So let us put aside all our differences and get under that Banner. Believe the Message the way the Prophet brought it. Add nothing to it, take nothing away from it. Never tamper with the words of God’s Prophets.

Your Brother in Christ, Malcolm Webster